Sunday, September 6, 2009

Happenings around the Francis house

Happy Birthday, BL!

Festival girls!

Ella, look alive!

Gram and her little lollipop.

She loves smocking and matching bows. Can't you tell?

On our way to pick up Gram!

Mommy, Ella, and happy Olivia!

Ella's new toy...jumperoo!

Mommy is home from bday celebrations..
So fresh and so clean.
Well, we are all back to work and it, well, sucks. I feel so weird being without her during the day. It feels completely unnatural and sad! By the time Thursday rolled around, I was ok but still struggling. It is hard to think of anything but my little one...she is like an extension of myself. I know that she is fine during the day, no matter what, but I am the one that is really struggling with the transition. I will most likely buy an RV and follow her to whaetever school she ends up at and camp out for half of the year. I kid, I kid....not such a bad idea though, right?
We were so happy to have our gram here this weekend but sad that Daddy was away in San Diego. Actually, we were really sad that we couldn't make the trip to San Diego with Daddy for Timmy's wedding! We just thought that between Ella's colic and a 5 hour flight, we would be worse for the wear. I think hanging here in Chicago with Gram turned out to be a great time but we wished we could have gotten out to the west coast! We will get to head west for Thanksgiving and I am PRAYING that Ella will be a perfect little angel by then...wishful thinking...
On Thursday night, we met our friends, the Stefls, for dinner. We love love our friends and always have the best time gabbing with our girlfriends, Olivia and Holly (and Tim!) Olivia is, without a doubt, the happiest baby we have ever met! I love that Ella and O are just 3 months apart! They will have some fun together....
A couple of weeks ago, we went out to dinner to celebrate my friend Beth's birthday! I love this girl! It was a little loud in the bar, but we had a good time toasting to Beth!
Last weekend, we got to the Bucktown Art Fest. We met up with Sam and Erica and Ella loved hanging with them. The best part of the festival was the food..yum! One of my favorite things about this city are the festivals. Next year, I will be a ton better about getting out to the festivals. We have had just a little bit going on the past year....
I hope all of you had an amazing weekend! Mazel Tov and love to the Jaynes!

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