Saturday, September 12, 2009

Busy Busy Busy!

Ella is such a thumbsucker! I LOVE IT!

Look at these seats!

All of the boys.
Me and Scotty

Todd and Scotty

Gramma Peg and Ella the morning she left....

Out to dinner at our all time favorite, Rose Angelis.

This past week, Gramma Peg was here to watch Ella for the week. They both had such an amazing time together. I think Gramma is a little bit smitten with Ella...Ella had her wrapped around her little finger before too long....We loved having both of our moms here the past 2 weeks.
We cannot wait to see y'all again soon! We will be heading down to Atlanta in October and out west for Thanksgiving. We are so excited for Ella to meet more family!
Scott's friends were out for a bachelor party and we were able to see Todd! I was so happy to see him; such a great guy! It is so funny to tag along with the boys and to hear funny stories of my husband and of his silly antics. I married such a fun guy! We got a chance to hang out with some of the other guys Scott went to school with at Santa Clara at the cubs game. That is one thing we don't do enough of- Cubs games. We had seats in the bleachers and I got a little, well, a lot, burned. Even with the sun burned legs, we had such a great time!!! Nothing like a seat in the bleachers, a beer and an italian sausage. So. good.
We cannot wait to go out with all of the SF folks when we are back home in the east bay for Thanksgiving!

Ella has had a big week. Not only has she become and avid fan of thumbs and of sucking them, but she also rolled over on Friday!! Yes! Our little baby rolled over from her back to her tummy. All while, may I add, sucking her thumb. Daddy was here to witness it....We will have to get it on video soon!

Becky and Keith are coming to Chicago this weekend to meet Ella! We are so excited to have her aunt and uncle out. Also, Scott's birthday is this weekend! The big 3-2. He is not excited about it which I think is so silly! He has accomplished a lot in his 32 years and should be proud. He scored a fabulous/humble wife and precious baby...what more could a guy ask for?
We are hanging in for the rest of the weekend watching the GA game, catching up on housework and meeting up with friends. Another gorgeous week ahead...

Hugs and kisses from Chicago,
N, S and Ella

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