Monday, January 25, 2010

Lotsa pics and etc....

Bath time in her NEW big-ger girl tub. We are not ready for the scary big tub!

Sitting on the ground. She looks like she is about to give a speech. Probably about all of the boogers in her nose.

I love biting wood. LOVE. IT.

How. Sweet. Is. This?


Trying to stand!

Squealing at the lion. She loved him/her!

Hey, where'd you go?!


Girls socializing and Ella petting Samantha's coat.

Ella and my girl, Beth. LOVE her.

E-Pa and Ella playing.

Hi all! We've had a busy couple of weeks! In just 2.5 weeks time, Ella has gotten her two bottom teeth and now they are in plain view. They are seriously the cutest things. I just look at them and I melt!

She is pulling up on most anything and is standing! She is still commando crawling like crazy and rocking back and forth on her knees but not going for the full on crawl! I think that she might just start walking!

She is almost 8 months old. I cannot believe that. I sound like a broken record, but, she is the best thing ever! She is so sweet and will go to just about anyone with a big smile on her fast. Her laugh is contagious, her smile makes me melt.

We have started to do "obvious" baby proofing things like corners of tables, outlets. We need to install the cabinet thingies. I need to decide on magnet ones, screw ones (not liking that idea, at all) and the plastic things. All very technical, I know.

2 weekends ago, mommy went to dinner with Holly and Sabrina, Holly's friend in from Baltimore. We had the best time gabbing at dinner, laughing and closing down MK. I had the best merlot there. I will have to find out what it was....maybe a repeat visit is in order. Anyone in for another girls night!? Everyone needs a little girl time!

On Sunday, we bundled up and headed to the LP Zoo. The sun was shining and the animals were out and about! The zoo is so cool and the best part's free! We walked around and just took in the sights. I loved how excited Ella gets when she sees fish, monkeys and lions. All of my favorites, as well. She would squeal everytime the lion would come by the glass. She frightened some Europeans with her screams. We got the area to ourselves and had a good laugh. Bonus.

I uploaded some pics from the baptism as well.....

This past weekend, Ella started swim lessons! She did great! We were in a bit of a rush b/c Mommy forgot to get swimming diapers and had to stop on the way. Rookie mistake. We got there, swam, checked out the other babies, and went home. 30 minutes splashing and screaming in delight went by fast! To refuel after all of the exercise, we headed to dinner with the Vajdas. We love the cute and wonderful little restaurants in the city. They just don't have those in the burbs!

I also uploaded a video of Ella splashing in the tub. I hope y'all think its as cute as we do!

We love you all!


Thursday, January 14, 2010

Ella's Baby Dedication at Old St. Pats

The spread. Thanks, Fox and Obel catering.

Party people.

Snanck break.
Ella, over here!
Ella is looking but no one seems to be.

Hi, baby cakes!

Ella and Kayla.

Olivia and Ella playing....

Love this tutu! Such a sweet present.

I LOVE riding on Daddy's shoulders. Look at this sweet face!

All of us at the church.

Marko, Tiff and Ella.

Us at Old St. Pat's.

All of the boys with Ella.

The girls with Ella.

Ella's big day was just so sweet. She was such a good girl! She was the most well behaved baby in the bunch! She is such a love and is so laid back. We feel so blessed to have such an easy, sweet baby. She had both sets of grandparents in town- what a lucky girl! I decided to have some people over for the special event and we had such a good time with all of our friends. Ella loved socializing with all of her friends!

I had to share some of the pics from the day. I have tons more on my camera but here are some from Gramma Peg's!

Love and Hugs from Chicago,
Francis Family