Saturday, February 28, 2009

Italian Babymoon!

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I wanted to post a slide show of some of our pics (we took over 300!) that we took in Italy. Italy is one of our most favorite places and it was nice to go back to the place where it all started! Scott and I went to Italy 4 years ago pretty soon after we met- see Mom, it all worked out fine!- and it was so fun to get back as a family. Hopefully the next time we are able to go it will be a little warmer as the highs were in the 30's and 40's. I am thinking the Amalfi coast next time.....We had a total of 8 days away and spent 5 of the days exploring Rome again and eating a lot of gelato. We rented a car and went up to a couple of Tuscan hill towns and had such a fun time exploring together. We visited Siena, Montepulciano and Montalcino in Tuscany and then headed back to rome for the last couple of days. I have to admit that it was nice to be back in my own fluffy bed and see our dogs. Now if only the weather would get a little better in Chicago...
This was our last big trip before Ella arrives and until then we have a lot to catch up on in terms of getting her room ready. The linens and furniture have been ordered and now its time to put everything together. I will post some pics of the progess when we get stared!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Belly is growing.....

Meerkat that I wanted to steal from the zoo...look at that face!

Belly Shot at 25 weeks

Besties and Mommies...Sara is due March 24th!

Reece checking out the birds at the museum!

A pretty shot of the city on a beautiful day from the LP Zoo lot!

After a couple of requests for belly shots, I have finally given in and had Scott take a picture of Ella and me a few nights ago. Many of you know how I feel about naked belly shots....I don't believe in nakedness and pregnant bellies! Check it out above!

We also had our monthly dr. visit last night and everything looks great! I love our doctor, Dr. Tan. She is so chill and laid back. She did comment on my recent weight gain =) I was about a pound over what it alloted for the month....ooops...must be all of those brownie sundaes. I literally am obsessed with brownies and funfetti as of late. I have tackled several baking projects at 9:00 pm on several occassions. My sweet husband never raises an eyebrow over my new found love of late night baking. I have vowed to myself and Dr. Tan to limit sundaes to once a week as opposed to my nightly wind down activity. Also, my tail bone pain has subsided!! Thank you, Nordstroms gift certificates from Mom and Peggy! I love my new Ugg boots. They have made all of the difference!

I am also tracking down pictures from the shower this past weekend. My best friend and dear friend Tiffany threw the best shower for me at Ethel's this past weekend! The weekend was perfect. It was 60 on the day of the shower. The first nice day here in over 6 months, I swear! Sara, Curt and Reese all made the trip up. It was so special to have them here. I have posted pictures that we took at the Lincoln Park Zoo. I can't wait to go back. The african house way my favorite. Check out the cute meerkat. I asked Scott if it might be ok to jump the fence and take off with one. He advised against it.

The shower itself was perfect- Tiffany out did herself (as usual- she is the modern day Martha Stewart!) and the decorations were absolutely beautiful. When I get back from our trip to Italy, I will ask for pictures from people who were there! I was so sad that I didnt get any pictures with all of the girls there; the time went by sooo fast. It means so much to me that my closest friends here in Chicago were able to be there. I was overwhelmed by the sweet presents. I love you girls so much! Please send me any pictures that you guys might have taken from the shower!

Friday, February 6, 2009

I never thought I would have one....

Well, its about that time! We are gearing up for the 3rd trimester in a couple of weeks and I thought that the dreary doldrums of a Chicago winter were conducive to the Francis' entrance into the blogosphere! Seeing as how many of our friends and family are on opposite coasts, I wanted to keep everyone updated with all things Ella (and Finlay and Savannah, of course).....I am feeling great except for the nagging tail bone pain that has rendered me useless when it comes to anything at all towards the end of a long day. I am starting physical therapy the week after we get back from Italy so I am hoping that this will help get me through the next 15 weeks.

Above are some pics of Miss Ella at 12 weeks. She was sucking her thumb already which was so sweet to see. I will be posting a video of our big 20 week ultrasound tonight.... Check her out!