Thursday, September 17, 2009

Mid-Week Ella posting

Look at this sweet face....falling asleep on Mommy after eating.....nothing sweeter than this!

Picking Ella up...she fell asleep on my shoulder the SECOND i picked her up..I think she was waiting for mommy to fall sleep.

The Ga/SC game was a real snooze for her, I suppose. She slept through the 4th quarter which was the best quarter I have ever watched! We need to get her more excited about the Dawgs!

Laughing at Daddy while he made funny faces. She loves her little blanket that G-ma Peggy gave her. She likes to rub things while sucking her thumb...Mom: where does she get that from???

So, my little nugget is officially the sweetest, most curious baby ever. I am told she is very observant during the day and is the most mellow of all the babies at Alex's house! She is becoming so much happier and WE couldn't be happier. I love to spend as much time at night with her as possible. I miss her like crazy during the day. It is getting a little easier but is still really hard....
She is smiling all the time now and "talking" away. She has the sweetest babble ever. She has also begun laughing which completely melts my heart. She loves tummy kisses and starts howling with laughter as soon as we kiss her!

I hope everyone is having a great week!

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