Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Desparately Seeking....blog update time!

Fun in the pool with daddy...

Daddy and Ella playing on the deck....so sweet!

Ella just loves helping with the laundry...now, if only she could start pushing a vacccum...

Baby Galbut!

More proof of above referenced helpfulness.

Ahh, I heart Elmo.

Becoming somewhat picky?!

Stupid hand, foot, mouth disease!

Hi All,

It has been brought to my attention, ahem, that I have been negligent in posting. Yes, dear readers, I have been and for this, I am sorry!

Where does one begin? We have had, in the following order:

1. Becky's shower! I still need to post pictures- these pictures are trapped in my mother-in-law's camera. I will post as soon as Peggy masters the uploading process.
2. Birth of Hudson MacKenzie Galbut- our new nephew! He is perfect and precious. Baby and momma are doing well. Momma could use more sleep, honey, I feel your pain! Picture of Hudson below.
3. Impromptu trip to Atlanta for the 4th. We needed to get down south to check on a few things and spend time with Gram and E-Pa. Nice to escape the cit-ay.
4. Double Date this past Saturday- so fun! We got to hang out with the Lonardos on Saturday night and had a blast. Can't wait to do it again.

Nothing to do substantive this weekend which is fabbo. A little R&R is just what we need after a crazy past 2 months! Ella is just getting over hand, foot and mouth disease. Yuck. We are healed and looking forward to laying low.

Loves and kisses,
Nicole and Ella