Thursday, January 19, 2012


I have had may-jah technical difficulties until a blogger friend genius helped guide me.

So, without further ado, hello!

We have been settling into our new house and trying our best to make this much bigger space home. What I am finding is that:

a) it's really hard

b) especially when you have expensive taste

I am kind of a budget person but everything I pick out is like uber expensive! One room at a time.....

I will post some pictures this weekend of some of our almost completed spaces. It's definitely a WIP!

How was everyone's Christmas? Ours was fabulous. It was a quiet and intimate Christmas here in Chicago and we spent the day at church, resting and eating. We spent Christmas Eve with our friends, the Vajdas, and also helping Santa with Ella's toys. We are officially parents, right?!

We are hopeful for a wonderful year and hope that you are as energized about the new year as we are. We have a slight reprieve from the cold and are jetting off to Kauai for a 5 day momma/daddy only vacation while Ella spends time with her Poppa and G-Ma. We are so blessed to have family able to watch Ella so that we can sneak off and get some time away just the 2 of us. Who knows when the opportunity might avail itself to us again in the near future.

I posted some pictures of our photo shoot with a family friend in Atlanta, his work is awesome. Thanks, Daniel, for shooting our family! We promise that Ella will be in a better mood next time. Possibly.

More pictures to come! Bundle up muffins.