Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Ella is a' rollin....

How in the world am I going to reach that fluffy thing??

Reality TV time with mommy.....

Gram buys me stuff that has my name on it for different seasons. I like this.

Smile, Ella! Act like you love your mommy!

Please!? Just one little smile?!

Me and Abbykins. I mean, her dress had pockets. How perfect is this?

Mommy and Daddy are out for the night. We even got in some dancing. Huge!

Close up...

Ella is sucking her thumb. A lot.

Hi. May I help you? You are kind of cramping my style.
Our girl is on the move. From going bananas in her jumperoo or playing on her play mat, one thing is certain- our girl is determined and strong! Her little neck and legs are getting so strong! She is already rolling over from back to front and is starting to roll from her belly to her back. It is so fun to watch her personality develop. She loves to laugh and smile while talking to people or looking at the doggies. She is also quite fascinated by the t.v. She watches only educational stuff, of course =)
This past weekend, Gram was visiting to watch Ella while mommy and daddy went to Abby's wedding! What a fun (and quick) weekend trip for Gram and for us. Ella was a sweet doll for her gram. I think that Gram might be a little smitten by our Ella bella...
Abby's wedding was a blast! You should have seen all of the details Abs took care of; from personalized navy and pink coasters/napkins, to pink wraps for the guests! She went above and beyond and it was the most beautiful wedding. Abby was stunning, as always. We think the world of the Bellgrau's and were honored to be a part of their wedding day! We will have to celebrate once they return from Cabo. Lucky ducks- they will be there for 10 days!
This weekend, Aunt Becky and Uncle Keith are coming to the windy city! We can't wait for them to meet Ella and have her show them around the city.
We hope everyone is having a great week. Love you all!!

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