Sunday, July 31, 2011

Excuses, excuses, excuses...

Soccer. Ella's not a fan. Boo. Daddy might be slightly heartbroken.
Such a diva.

Such a diva. Ex: 2. Momma, leave me alone. I am dressing up as princess.

Happy 5th Anniversary to us. Chandon it is.

Sassy one shouldered "soup soup" aka swim suit.

Great pic of the Francis family. Except, what the H am I doing? AH well.

Ella likes the "squishy" ball.

Happy 90th, Nana!

Cutting her beautiful cake.

Sunshine and family. Nothing better.

The spread at Nana's 90th pre-food.

Ella playing on the stairs. Can you believe her Granpa played on those stairs at that age, too?! Crazy.

Uncle Keith and Ella- Keith is showing Ella his iPhone or maybe Ella is showing him? =)

Auntie Becky and baby Hudson! We love you, Huds!

G-ma and Ella. I love the blue sky behind these beautiful girls.

Feeding the ducks in Boston. Love. that. city.

Ella on her birthday. I love this girl. So. Much.

Yep, it's time for a bigger pool and/or yard/patio!

Ella and Mommy at Shedd. No, not a back drop behind us. What a beautiful city!

Not a fabulous picture of smiling daddy and baby, however are their faces not hilarious?!

Totally sorry for being so MIA. However, I have very valid excuses!

We have been finding renters, cleaning condos, having inspections, etc. etc.

We are closing on a new house on August 15th! I am so superstitious and don't want to post a picture until we are moved in and our renters are settled at 2801. Yes, I am very superstitious. Always kinda waiting for the shoe to drop. I know, bad quality. Trying to live in the moment as much as I can but I have SO MUCH TO DO.

Like, for instance, finally updating our blog.

Our summer has been jam packed since Ella's party. Between nights out, nights in, weekend trips, it's been non stop. It ain't over yet! We hopefully can get away for one weekend before the summer is finito.

Here's a sampling of what we've been up to:

Birthdays- Kayla's/Lukie's

Nana's 90th in MA

Weekend trip to MI

Weekend Chicago fun outings- Shedd-we are members!

Fun nights out for Momma and Daddy

More to come in the next few weeks. We are so scared and excited for change but are sad to leave our comfortable condo and location. Change is good but I don't like doing it =( We started our wonderful family in this condo and it's hard to think of this chapter closing for us. For now. The market blows so we will still have the condo but it won't be ours officially any longer. Sigh. Very conflicting feeling but we are confident that the space will be good for hopefully growing family!

Love and Kisses,