Sunday, July 5, 2009

5 weeks and counting down until her stomach issues get sorted out....

Well, I HATE to say this but.....we think our little ray of sunshine has colic. Yes, the dreaded "c" word. Honestly, the hardest thing we have dealt with yet! I think I had too much of an easy time while pregnant and had a fabulous delivery that God thought, hey, I should probably mix things up a bit for these two. Well, we are getting a run for our money! We have been inside ALL weekend long trying to get Miss Ella quiet and happy. I have memorized every single colic support site out there. Literally. Every. single. one. I hope none of the precious readers of our blog are ever subjected to HOURS of crying without any relief in sight (yikes!) but, take heart...if you do, I have a list of resources for you!

While house bound this weekend, I made the most delicious pulled pork ever. Honestly, the best! I think that Paulina Meat Market should seriously consider hiring me for this reason alone. We are up to our ears in pork at the Francis house and if anyone would like a generous helping, come on by!

We wish we had fun pictures and crazy fun from our 4th to upload, but alas, we don't. I did take a great picture of Ella snoozing in various positions around the house. Yes, I know that "they" say not to let babies sleep on their bellies but you know what? Ella loves sleeping on her belly for naps and if she is happy, mama is happy. You can see that Finlay likes to sleep above her on the couch to keep an eye on things...

We thank all of our service men and women for helping keep our country free! Big shout out to my bro in law, Clint, who is a marine! Hoo Rah!

Love and kisses to you all! Pray for our colic peak to happen sometime soon....REAL soon....

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  1. Hang in there Momma F! You're doing a heck of a job. A big hug from the west coast...xo CC