Sunday, July 19, 2009

7 weeks old today!

Little Ella D is 7 weeks old. Insane! Our cool Chicago summer is flying by and we can hardly believe it. We had a big week this past week! My best friend, Sara, and sweet baby Kendall came up for a visit and it was SO NICE to have them here. We took a lot of walks, did some shopping, and just talked and talked. It was so nice for it to just be the girls and us....budding besties for sure....

I am slowly getting Ella to nap in her crib a little bit. It is really nice to lay her down in her crib and have her actually, you know, sleep for at least a little while. She is still sleeping in our room for now and I am thinking that the 3 month mark will be a good time for Ella's transition out of our room and into the pink oasis that is her room.

On Saturday, the day started out great. We took a walk to Starbucks with Sara and Kendall and I took Sara to the airport and left love bug with Daddy. Because we had some fabulous colic free days in a row, I was singing loudly to my ipod, crusing down 90-E knowing that my little one was at home with Daddy, being an angel that she was while Sara was visiting. Not the case....I got home and she was fussy and crying...I was a little worried about that night because I had a big night planned with girlfriends for the Rascal Flatts concert! Well, my intuition was spot on...I was only able to stay at the concert for a couple of hours until I called to check in and heard sweet little Ella in the background screaming and not taking her bottle. Such a bummer! I guess we need to give our little fuss pot another couple of months before going out for a fun night. It was so nice to have my 1.5 beers, though! First drinks in 11 months! Seriously! Next time girls, I will be whooping it up, don't you worry...we all know that I have it in me....

I posted some pics from this past week/weekend! I hope that everyone had a fabulous's to starting another week!

Love you guys!

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