Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Sweet Summertime....

Ready to run errands, Mom!

The big girls, Olivia and Kayla, playing on Saturday night while we enjoyed the food and drinks....whohooo Italian wine!

Ella after a walk with dad and the puppies..I finally got to go to the grocery store by myself. Shouldn't be a luxury, but....

Scotty and Kayla...thanks, Kayla for helping sit Ella Friday night!

We have had an insanely busy summer. I absolutely adore the fabulous weather and the walks with Ella. She is getting so big and is more and more a "real" baby now instead of a fragile little newborn! Still very much a newborn, but, you know what I mean....her personality is starting to come out (just a little bit!) and smiles all of the time. It is the most precious thing to see first thing in the morning!
Ella's colic is still rearing its ugly head and the medicines really aren't helping all that much. I am starting a probiotic today and hope that we see some improvement. I am willing to try anything. I have read a lot about women getting the antibiotics for group B strep and the effects it has on the natural good bacteria babies have in utero and the correlation b/w antibiotics and colic. Anything, and I mean antything, I will gladly try! I talked to our pediatrician about a cranial therapist and I was about laughed out of the office. Guess I won't be trying that homeopathic remedy. Can't blame a girl for trying!

We were actually able to get out and get dressed up this past weekend! It was wondeful to get out of the house for a few hours to celebrate with Abby and Kent! Marko and Tiffany watched Ella while we went to a wine party for Abs and Kent. I had a great time and thoroughly enjoyed my glass of wine. Oh, how I have missed the vino...Big hugs and kisses to Marko and Tiffany! I was so worried that E was screaming the entire time but I guess she wasn't. Even if she was, Tiffany is such a sweet friend, she would probably never tell me!

We spent the rest of the weekend running, running errands, cooking out with the Vajda's and chilling out. A perfect weekend.....

I hope everyone is enjoying the summer as much as we are.....wish us luck with E's colic! Hopefully, we are going to be seeing improvements soon.

Ella loves Uncle Marko....

Scotty and Me at the party....

Sweet bride-to-be! Can't wait for the big day, Abby! We love you!

This one is for you, Uncles Bob and Paul! Don't you love her pink and green outfit? Paul, thanks for the sweet mud pie duds!

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