Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Weekend Activities

No fun pictures to upload, I cannot believe we forgot to break out the camera this weekend. I am the designated picture taker in our family as Scott, bless his heart, ALWAYS forgets to capture memorable happenings. I seem to think that all events are memorable, however, I don't think that sentiment is shared by SMF.

We had an ALL DAY baby class on Saturday at the hospital where we will deliver our Ella. I was hoping that it would be a really laid back with several cool couples to chat with, however, it was a little more intense than I thought it would be....

One of the first questions asked by the hyper, Type-A instructor was "who here plans to use an epidural?" Hate. this. question. It is a very personal decision and I hate how everyone who has an opinion on the matter is quick to tell you theirs. I, however, am not that way. If you want relief, power to you! I am gettting the epidural. Why put myself through undue hardship? Modern medicine is wonderful. I am glad to partake in drugs available for pain. Of course, there were a few people who were anti-edpidural and anti-vaccinations in the class. No biggie. The information provided was helpful and I ended up loving the instructor. Hardcore labor and delivery nurse who was so honest and candid. I didn't want either going into the class. I am more of a "wait and freak out when I get there" type gal. I am glad to know that I understand the process a little better.

I was so tired after the class but so looking forward to having some sweet friends over for Saturday night! People brought plenty of goodies and we had a ton left over on Sunday. After eating a huge brunch on Sunday with Scott after church, I continued to nosh on left overs and Easter goodies that Abby and Beth brought =)

Easter was a little bittersweet this year =) I really miss Atlanta a ton right now and while it was nice to be so productive and spend time with friends this weekend, I would have LOVED to have been home in the warmer weather with family. I miss my Dad a ton and haven't seen him since early March which isn't a long time, however, I know it will be a while until I get to see him again. My mom is coming up in a couple of weeks and I have many errands planned for the both of us. She is super helpful and I love that she will be here before Ella comes to help me get ready.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter this year! This time next year, I hope to have little Ella looking for eggs (or, atleast, looking at Easter eggs!) in an egg hunt with a scary Easter bunny in tow for pictures. It is hard to believe that I will be getting an almost 1 year old ready for Easter next year! We are so excited. I cannot wait to meet this little one who is bumping, kicking, and hiccuping incessantly. She is such a gift and we are so in love with her already.

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