Monday, April 12, 2010

Slacker Posting with Easter being over a week ago...

I am so freaking cute.

I want to squeeze her just looking at this picture.

Ham didn't go over so well.

Southern Easter Dinner.

Us in our Easter attire.

I am growing impatient and more hungry. Hurry it up.

This is the last cute post you are getting out of me!

Waiting patiently for the bunny.

Hello hello!
It was another busy weekend. Nothing too crazy but just enough running around to make me yearn for another weekend....on Monday.
I got out for a girl's night on Friday with Beth and Kristen. No pics were taken but plenty of fun girl talk and wine was had by all!
I am busy working on projects and we are doing our best to keep up with our Ella. She is talking and waving and testing the word "no" at every turn. She took a step! We were floored. We don't think serious walking will come anytime in the super near future but it is progress. She is standing on her own for about 1 second and then claws the ground.
We got GREAT news that we had been a little freaked about (read ME- Scott takes a lot of stuff in stride). While having an MRI done for some neck pain which showed that my sweet hubby has some bulging discs (I feel like a total butt hole for thinking he was just being a baby), the dr. noticed that he had a lump on his thyroid. We went in for ultrasound and after waiting for DAYS (okay, maybe 2 days), we found that is a cystic thingy and is NOT malignant which is a fancy word for cancer. So, no malignant cancer thyroid thing. Very excited about not having to worry about this. Praise the lord. He is so good to us.

Hope you guys enjoyed Easter and are having a wonderful Spring! The weather has been tremendous in Chicago; hope its been great where y'all are...
Francis Clan

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