Sunday, March 28, 2010

Mexico, getting older, and of course, Ella!

Dinner for Erica...table all a-glow..

Ella playing in grandmother's purse...oh, dear..

Ella and grandmother...

Ella and Mommy after my bday dinner in Atlanta..

Ella in her pink shades!


Yes, we take pictures of food. But only really good food. This is guac, obvi, from our FAVORITE mexican food place of all time. Too bad its in downtown Playa. It's called Yaxche's and honestly, the best food we have ever had! I urge all Playa visitors to drag yourself off of the resort to check this place out. We got the inside scoop on their new location. Can't wait to go back...

Scotty is a happy fella.

Rain = no bueno.

Wine = bueno.

Awkward shot at dinner. Waiters aren't good photographers typically.

Lounging poolside. Happiness.

No, not taking pics of chicks in bikinis. This is a sushi chef that will bring you plates of sashimi and any roll you desire. Secrets Maroma is the best.

Would you believe!? Probably not, but we ran into Gavin and Shauna. Random good times!

Horses on the beach.

The water. Ahh....

Posing on the sand for Scott.

Debating- modelo or Sol?

Yep, that's the porch which is also your own pool. Glad we sprang for it!

The room. So beautiful.
So, we are back and not as refreshed as we were a week ago, but recharged albeit only slightly at this point. City living does that to you, I guess...
Ella is almost 10 months old. This makes me sad, happy, anxious and overwhelmingly proud of the sweet baby tornado that took over our lives 10 months ago....
I never knew of such love and adoration before Ella. Her daddy and me stare in amazement as she reaches new milestones every week. She is bright, sweet, loving, expressive, demanding- when she wants it, please provide now, thanks very much!-happy, and all around perfect. She is talking up a storm! She is now saying uh-oh after a week with gram-cracker. All of a sudden, after being home for a couple days from our 9 day vacation, she threw her Sophie and sweetly muttered, "uh-oh". Scott and I looked at each other, perplexed, because we don't usually say "uh-oh" and try to refrain from dropping "s*it bombs" in front of our sweet and impressionable child. And, honestly, we never, ever dropped those before Ella, so.....
So now, Ella is saying "uh-oh", something that sounds like cat, hi, bye (with a southern accent, might I add! I am kind of proud), momma, dada...
She is also drinking out of a straw! She likes jamba juice. She already has great taste in food.
She took a couple of VERY wobbly steps on her own a few days ago! I think our girl will be walking in no time at all....
As for Mexico, it was delightful, very much needed and really relaxing. I developed a raging sinus infection and it rained a full day, but all in all, such a great trip! Ella did a great job with gram and e-pa! I will have to ask E-Pa to send some pictures of the week she spent in McDonough.
Last night, a few friends gathered to celebrate Erica's big day. We had such a great time. I am thinking of you tomorrow, Erica!
Easter is just around the corner! We trekked up to Woodfield to see the Easter bunny. Great Success! Ella was a happy camper, no thanks to the 2 little girls in front of us who screamed bloody murder and hit the bunny. Wow. Our little angel took it all in stride and observed the bunny for a bit and then happily sat on the bunny's lap.
We have a busy week and are a little anxious about a few things....I will be really glad when its over....
Besides making a pot roast (Francis family Sunday tradition), that's it for now..Happy Sunday, lovelies...

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