Monday, April 26, 2010

Busy couple of weekends!

Phew! We've had a pretty busy couple of weeks. Last weekend, we met up with some family friends at LP Zoo! I failed to take pictures. We had a lot of fun walking and talking with the Lonardo family.....I love that granpa (yes, granpa, without the d) is such good friends with Joe L still! I am glad that we finally got to meet up with Scott and his family in Chicago.

Ella and I braved the kinda chilly temps and went for a job in the BOB. I cannot believe it was our inaugural run in the BOB. We went for a brisk jog to Anthropologie and then meandered through Lakeview. So nice to jog and chat with Ella. She took in all the sights and kicked and laughed and blabbered with me. We made it 5 miles! The time flew with shopping and looking around the neighborhood. Chicago may not have the best weather in the world and the city politics are a little questionable (okay, like, a lot questionable), but there really is not a better city. It is so beautiful and even more cool when the weather doesn't blow. Pun intended.

This weekend, I threw a surprise baby shower for Tiffany! We had to spill the beans with an hour to go time b/c preggers was going to go to the gym. We decided to break it to her that she had other plans for the afternoon. I hope she wasn't too heartbroken!

I really despise our camera; it was expensive and has a big screen but it ALWAYS over flashes and never gets the lighting right. I really don't like it. So, I apologize that my pics weren't the greatest but I think you get the general scheme of the shower-- birds, blue, green, food. I made the island "skirt" from Heather Bailey fabric. I LOVE HB FABRIC. It has really inspired me to start sewing. I might have to do that. Sometime in July =)
I found super cute nests, painted some wood bird a fabulous person on cuts and hot glued those suckers in. I filled little blue bottles with robin egg blue m&ms. I stole some branches from dead trees around our building and arranged them in sour apple giant gumballs and hung hand painted birds on the branches. I made some mini poms and wired them to the "tree" centerpiece. I made poms and more poms and hung them with adorable polka dot ribbon...I made a custom banner (hand. cut. every. elephant!- might be time for a cricut. This is an official plug for a christmas gift!).

I think Tiffany was surprised, shocked, and pleased. They got some super cute clothes for Lucas! We cannot wait to meet him. I cannot believe its almost time for him to come. Wouldyou believe, his birthdate is scheduled for Ella's original due date?! I love it. Our girl waited 5 very long days. So glad that Luke will come not a day too late!

Speaking of May, our girl is almost 1. I am still amazed. I am amazed that we have come this far, just the 3 of us, forging together as a little family far away from any family. We made it. Sometimes, I really cannot believe it. Its so empowering/humbling/exhilarating to see Ella almost 1 year later. She is an amazing little girl. Inquisitive, sweet and a tad feisty, she inspires me to be a better person every single day. I love you so much, Ella. I cannot wait to see what God has in store for you!

We have a busy busy late April/May. The Bolgers are coming into Chicago. THIS WEEK! We cannot wait to hang and have them enjoy the city! We have a Cubs game on the agenda with the babies on Sat. I think the world of them and cannot wait to spend time with Jen, Jeff and Ben! Ella has to meet her intended. We are totally doing an arranged marriage.

That's it for now.

hugs and kisses,

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