Saturday, March 6, 2010

Parties, Chicken and Fun times

Sweet Ella trying to get into the dog food bag.

Trying on clothes in the clothes basket.

Caught mid-squeal/scream. I love it!

Waving and cruising the furniture. Skills.

Her "farm". She loves this thing!

Intent on seeing who goes home on American Idol. I don't even like AI anymore, but the singing captivates Ella. She loves to listen to people singing! I am glad she appreciates the arts this early in life =)

Panko breaded chicken. MMMMMMM...

Non-panko chicken. No, thanks mom!

Okay, enough chicken. Day 3 of chicken for dinner.

Pretty Holly and Ella at O's 1st bday party!

Happy Ella.

The girls at the party!


Where's more icing, mom?

birthday girl, Olivia!

sweet girl...

ella had to thank her for such a good time.....

Ella and Daddy at Hank's party!

Pretty picture, Turner family!

What a small world! We finally met some family friends, randomly at Hank's first bday party!
Hello, Hello!
We have had parties galore! We love celebrating our friend's birthdays even though it makes this mamma really wistful. I just don't know where the last 9 months of our lives have gone! Well, I know that they have been spent doting, loving, spoiling and doting some more on our sweetie pie blue eyed bug.
Ella is, as of 9 months, eating more "big people" food (see above), cruising furniture, getting into EVERYTHING, squealing with delight at most ANYTHING, knowing what "no" means but not really caring while she smiles coyly at her momma, throwing herself back unannounced because someone will always catch me, right?!, cranking out aligator tears over nothing at all when she wants attention, and, mostly, just being adorable, adventurous, and vocal. I especially love when she "sings" softly while resting her forehead on mine, and I sing back to her. This goes on for a good 5 minutes. She loves being close and cuddling. I treasure these moments and will have to reflect back on these times when she is 13-21!
Mommy and Daddy are leaving for Mexico via Atlanta a week from today and we are happy but mostly sad and anxious (I guess, mostly me!) due to leaving Ella for 4 whole days. I know, I know, she will be fine with gram and E-Pa but I just know I will be a weepy mess leaving her. Such an overwhelming sense of mommy guilt as soon as you have this little life to care for. It seems so indulgent to spend days at the beach when we could be home with our baby! I know its important for us to spend time, alone with each other, but I will be so sad to leave her. Hopefully, the margaritas will ease the pain!
I hope everyone is having a great Saturday so far! Our Saturday, so far , has been spent listening to music, making coffee and pancakes (Ella's favorite) and taking turns working out at the gym.
While Daddy gets his fitness on (and Ella naps), I figured I'd update our blog.
nic, ella bella and Scotty

PS- Get well soon, Uncle Curt!

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