Monday, June 22, 2009

3 weeks old.....I can't believe how fast our time is flying!

Ella is 3 weeks old...again, I cannot believe how fast another week has flown by. Our days and nights are centered around feeding, cuddling and making Ella happy and it is always amazing to me how quickly the day flies by. We will look up and it will be 5 pm and we wonder where our day has gone!

We had some visitors during the week and we were so glad to have them! Beth, Sam and Erica all made it over to see Ella. Erica and Sam had not met Ella yet and we were excited for them to meet her! We will have many fun brunches and outings with Ella in tow for the future hopefully.

Scott celebrated his first Father's Day yesterday! Ella insisted on an outing on Friday so we made a trip to one of our favorite malls to get Daddy a present and Ella was such a good girl! She even let mommy shop a little bit (a TRUE luxury these days)!

On Saturday, my friend Holly and I hosted our first Northcenter Club meet up with some other moms in our neighborhood! We hope that the group gains some traction. After our Starbucks outing, Abby came over to meet Ella. Ella was a little cranky but loved meeting her auntie Abby! Abby brought over the most beautiful orchid and a PRECIOUS book named "Madeline and the cats of Rome". LOVE IT! Italy is our most favorite place and the book follows Madeline throughout Rome and covers all of the famous sites. It was the most perfect gift for Ella. I cannot wait to read this book to her. We are already talking about our next Italian vacation and can't wait to show Ella our favorite spots!

We had a rough Saturday and Saturday night that spilled into Sunday afternoon...I think that Ella has some tummy issues that I will have to ask our doctor about. I hope that Scotty had a good day even though the only thing we got to do is venture out to Costco!

We hope all of our favorite Dads out there had a great day! Miss and love you E-Pa! Ella and I can't wait to see you in Atlanta soon...

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  1. She is just getting prettier and prettier each week! I'm out of town this week, but I would love to stop by and see little miss Ella when I'm back! She looks like she's really growing! (Btw, this is Megan). Hope all is well!