Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Almost time....

Pony Ride for big sister! Ella insisted this was Rainbow Dash.

This baby (belly) at 39 weeks! Almost there!

Our kitchen! This has been a project and is finally done. Subway tile, undermount lighting and fixture above the island. One of our many house projects...

Another shot of the pony ride...

.....For our little guy to arrive. We are taking every day as it comes, taking in as much time with Ella as possible and enjoying the semi-quiet..for now. Last night, during the blessing, we always thank Jesus for our baby brother and for Ella. Mid-prayer, Ella shouted, "yay, baby brother!". I'll take it and I am glad that she knows that this might actually be a human and not a furry friend as she previously thought. The Francis dog hotel is all booked up.

This past weekend, we ate ice cream, rode ponies (for real, see pic below), shopped for big sister presents and stocked up on baby boy F stuff. We have really left our weekends free for organizing and chilling. I am sure we will need the down time all too soon!

I also thought I'd throw in a picture of this baby at 39 weeks! I haven't taken any pictures of the bump this go 'round; isn't that terrible? You can see that I am about ready to pop. We can hardly wait to meet our guy but will savor every second we have left with Ella as an only child.

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