Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Mid-Week posting..Lots more to pics to post soon, I promise!

Hi all!!! Well, I am a little delinquent on posting and for that, my apologies! Let's see, what is my little Ella D up to.....

- She is crawling, like, for real crawling, consistently starting last week. She much prefers the army crawl because she gets places tons faster. She also picks up loads of dog hair this way. Yuck. To say I am anal about floor cleanliness is an understatement; I vacuum and swiffer with antibacterial stuff everyday!

- She is pulling up like crazy! This girl find something, props herself up on her knees, and then stands so well now! I cannot believe this is my little nugget, standing up and exploring (while holding onto something for dear life, of course).

- She is mimicing us if we "sing" to her. For instance: Us= "blah blah blah blah (imagine blah in a sing song voice). She will listen and laugh and then "sing" back to us. It is the cutest thing. She has such a little personality and loves for us to sing to her.

- She is becoming a ton more attentive when we read to her. She is still gunning for the book to chew, make no bones about that, but now, she is listening more now and "talking" to us while we read.

- Like our good friend, Ben Bolger, Ella is grabbing anything and everything that isn't for "her" and rips it up, puts it in her mouth, and goes to work on destroying it, mainly paper. She also loves my PB, Jen! She also loves giggling/screaming as she heads for the dog toy basket. She loves going for the bones even though she has tons more toys than her siblings...

We have big plans this weekend! We head to Atlanta for Kadee's engagement party. We are excited for a long weekend and a night out on the town.

We hope everyone is having decent weather where you are...we just got 12 inches last night. I am soooo over winter. Bring on Mexico in March!


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