Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas Eve!!!

The tree. It looks like it is leaning but I assure you, its the picture taker, not the tree. Picture taker= me.

Decorated for Christmas!

Ella is playing peek-a-boo while she is supposed to be sleeping...

Hi guys! Come get me!

Ella is getting better at sippy cup drinking!

Ella and Beth. Sweet picture. Even with Ella's boogery nose! She loathes to have her nose wiped...

Some of the girls. Ella just had to be in the pic. Look at her big smile!

Mantle. Everyone has a stocking!

Ella and Mr. Claus!

Where are you going, mommy? You are not leaving me with this guy, right?

Ella and Daddy pre Macy's attempt #1.

Well, we are almost upon our first Christmas with the best gift we have ever received, Ella! She is ready for her presents. She is commando crawling like crazy and heads straight to her presents!

I have always loved Christmas so much and this Christmas is all the more special having Ella here. I can't believe that our little 7 month old is here and already having her first Christmas! She has a lot of presents under the tree. I will post a before and after tomorrow! Most of the presents are Daddy's b/c I got mine a little early. Never one for surprises, I opted for an early prezzie.

Big events in the Francis house lately! We have had E-Pa and Gram in town and we braved the hours long line at Macy's to meet Mr. Claus! We attempted to meet him the night before we went, however, we were told that it was going to be a total of 2.5 least. I do not remember waiting that long for Santa in Atlanta? I guess Santas are more in demand in the midwest? I don't know, but every minute we waited was well worth it for us! We don't have the greatest pics of the meeting..Maybe Gram can send those to me? Ella was such a trooper! She loved looking at the lights and at the other kids waiting for Santa. I will try to have Daddy post a video tonight of the excursion. I was really scared to see how Ella would react but she was so chill and took the entire meeting in stride.

This past weekend, I hosted the annual cookie exchange. We had such a good time! I love having all of the girls over. I would love to host again next year! Its so fun to have your house full of sweet friends. Thanks for the cookies and fun, girls!
It is Christmas Eve and peadpod just dropped off my groceries so it is time to start cooking for another tradition, the Vajada's for Christmas Eve! They are back from the Caymans rested. We missed them and are glad to have them back for Christmas Eve festivities! I will be sure to post some sweet pictures of our girls tomorrow...
Till then, let visions of sugar plums dance in y'alls heads....
xoxo from wintry Chicago!
Nicole, Scott and Ella

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