Thursday, December 31, 2009

Christmas Activities....

North shore lights trip. Love.

Ella and her new Elmo walker and my other baby, Finlay.

Ella loves her new singing star present from Gramma Peggy!

Christmas dinner! My cheesiest, most fattening dinner to date.

The flash! It's too bright! Seriously, does anyone know how to get rid of a flash? We are genuises and cannot figure it out.

Ella in her Christmas bishop.

Christmas morning breakfast. Gorilla bread.

After the present explosion!

Ella helping Daddy open some presents!

I am more interested in the bows.....this year...

Of course, because every girl needs an educational first purse!

Ella hates the flash. Loves her new hat from Gramma.

Tree pre- present openings.

Ella doing some last minute wrapping!

Hey, where'd ya put the tape, mom??

Ella on Christmas Eve!

The girls opening up presents on Christmas Eve!

Ella sitting up like a big girl at the dinner. She was gunning for our cheap bottle of red wine.

Christmas Eve spread. I think we made too much food?!
So, Ella's first Christmas was so much fun and such a whirlwind. I cannot believe how quickly it flew by! Ella was way more interested in the wrapping paper instead of the presents. She made out quite nicely! I cannot wait until she really "gets" what is going on. It is so true that having a child and experiencing Christmas is all the more meaningful...

After Christmas dinner, we headed to the north shore to check out some lights. We were pretty impressed. We are adding this to our Christmas agenda from here on out...
Enjoy some pics of our little elf! We hope everyone's Christmas was as wonderful as ours.
Happy almost 2010!

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