Monday, August 17, 2009

Showers, colic and Family..oh, my!

We are still battling the evil monster that is colic. Just. Terrible. I really think that this should be considered a medical condition for the baby and the family members going through it. Scott and I are really standing strong and are better for going through this with our little munchkin who, when happy and not in pain, the sweetest, happiest baby. I cannot wait until her colic clears and we will all be able to share a sigh of relief. Poor baby...
On a happy note(s), we have had a busy and productive last week. My sister and niece, Grayce, came up to Chicago for a visit with Ella. I think that they agree that Ella is pretty darn cute. I was happy that Ella got to meet her cousin! There got along fabulously =)
On Saturday, I hosted a shower for my dear friend, Abby. It was so beautiful and I think everyone had a good time! It was held at a great restaurant just up the road from us (only 5 min!) in Lincoln Square, Sola. So. good. Abby got some good stuff! I hope she likes her cheesy and personlized golf balls! (I am such a dork; I got Abby some golf balls that read "Abby and Kent FOREver). Yes, I know. I am a dork. I am sure her mr. will get some use out of the balls as well.
So incredibly sad that our summer is drawing to a close. I am really torn re: my return to work. I really feel like I need the stimulation and challenges my job creates, however, being Ella's mom is one of the best things I have ever done. I wish there was a way to have it all! I am sure I will come to a decision after giving work a go for at least a couple of weeks. I will need to heavily medicated and/or distracted on her first day with Alex. I cannot even think about it! We still have a couple more weeks, right? Let's hope she starts to feel better ASAP so that we can enjoy and take our trip to Atlanta and for Timmy's wedding in San Diego for Labor Day. Cross all of your fingers and toes for us!

Love and Kisses,

Nic, Scott and E

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