Monday, May 25, 2009


So, we are still just one centimeter dialated but I am 50% effaced which means, bascially, that I am progressing. Better than 0%, I guess! Ella's official debut is tomorrow but Dr.Tan thinks she will need a few more days...fine with me....I am getting REALLY nervous but am excited. It is so surreal. I cannot wait to meet our munchkin.

We have had a busy weekend and it has been so wonderful to hang out with good friends, have dinners out with just the 2 of us and to catch up on some errands. I have a big day of flower hunting and cleaning off the deck. Very exciting stuff!

I got to hang out with Beth for a late breakfast/early lunch on Saturday. So good to catch up with her! I haven't been able to catch up with BL so it was nice to sit and enjoy Sweet Bean on Diversey on a beautiful Saturday afternoon. I can't wait to take Miss Ella to Sweet Bean during our summer break.

On Sunday, Miss Kayla had her 2 year old birthday party! Tiffany had everything just perfect and it turned out so wonderfully! The icing on the cake, literally, was the Sweet Mandy B's cake that she had made. I cannot begin to tell you how amazing SWB's is. Honestly. Best. Cake. Ever. Tiff gave us a HUGE slice to nibble on. Yes, I had a little for breakfast this morning. Hey, I only have a couple more days of being pregnant so I went for it. Check out some pics from the party- we had such a great time! So nice to catch up with my friend, Holly, at the party as well and to hang out with Miss O, her 3 month old baby girl. She and Ella will be great gal pals!!

I also wanted to post a pic of my official 40 week belly. I can't believe how big that bump has gotten! Ella has a little less room in there to move around these days but still likes to hiccup whenever possible. She is an active little girl and those "long" legs are still finding ways to fit under my rib cage, especially when it is late at night and I am trying to wind down =) No worries, I know that this is nature's way of preparing me for some sleepless nights.

Ella's room is almost done...there are some little things I want to do (like picking out a chandelier, what? Every girl needs one, right?!) Check out some pics of the pink and green that has become Miss Ella's room. Hope this girl likes pink....

I have an email already drafted and ready to go to alert everyone of our trip to the hospital! I hope that I am feeling good enough for visitors at Northwestern. Chicago friends- if you are up for a visit to NW Prentice Hospital, let us know! We can't wait to introduce our little nugget to our in-town friends.


  1. Ella's nursery is adorable! I love it! I can't wait to get the email letting everyone know she's on her way! If you are up for visitors at Prentice, I will be there!

  2. You are so cute, Nicole! I can't wait to hear the news of you heading for the hospital. Good luck!