Sunday, October 14, 2012

Life with 2 little's like preparing for a tornado when you've never watched a storm chaser episode. Wait, maybe you had but you didn't know it'd be such a vortex of crazy. Well, folks, we are almost 8 weeks in and we are 1) tired 2) tired 3) in love with our little family and wait, there's one more.....TIRED.

It's been pretty hard and a little rough with some unforeseen setbacks. We are soldiering on and are just enamored with our little guy. Casey Mac. He's been such a love when he doesn't have reflux and is smiling and talking up a storm!


We have had painting done, grandparents have visited, watched a lot of Real Housewives (me, mainly), meditated, shopped at Target and Homegoods and attended one of my favorite gal's wedding last night, Beth. She was so gorgeous and just GLOWED! I love her to pieces and it is a real honor to call her a friend. Can't wait to spend more time with all of my girls once we get a little more of a routine in motion over here!

Pictures galore above. Peace out. I am going to eat some cookies.

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