Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The post than never uploaded....The Blizzard of 2011!

What to do when its -5 below outside and there's only so much Dora we can take? Read and feed your baby....

Silly girl posing while saying "cheese" with a mouth full of it!

Ell and Daddy after playing in the snow for about, hmm.....maybe 5 min?!

Daddy in a drift.
She refused to wear gloves, hence, we came in after only 5 min. Defiant little one!

Daddy and Ella. Cold.

Sweet Savannah being my model. Check out the snow drifts at our patio door!

Our patio door.

Sweet bug posing for V-Day cards.

Wow. We got just a wee bit of snow. I scoffed when I heard New Yorkers groan about a couple of inches, errr, feet of snow thinking, "that's do-able". Well. It's not. Not a little bit. This city totally came to a halt and we enjoyed the time to spend indoors with just us. So quaint and so needed.
Momma got a new camera and I am in LOVE with my Nikon 5000. It's pretty sweet. It comes at a great time as we just got back from to visiting family and friends today in NorCal. We had a ball. Just being able to be away from the city in the sun and high 60's was perfect. Another post on that tomorrow. For now, momma is beat after entertaining Ella for a 4 hour flight.

We hope y'all are warm and safe, wherever you might be reading. We love you all!

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