Tuesday, November 17, 2009

More Vegas Pictures

More pictures from Vegas!

The past couple of weeks have been crazy, per usual. Ella is 5.5 months old! She had her first photo shoot complete with outfit changes and all. She was such a trooper! She has the best demeanor and even the photographer (someone I'd highly recommend, Laura Couture- lauracouturephotography.com), said that she was such a good baby. She almost acted as though she was posing for the camera. Yes, I know, she wasn't...but..was she? I don't know! We will let the pictures speak for themselves.
Ella is eating like a champ. We are up to 2 solids a day and she LOVES sweet potatoes and sweet peas. I am off to a great neighborhood market this afternoon to get some organic veggies to make for Ella. I am actually quite excited about the possbility of making food for my little munchkin. I will try some of the more "advanced" recipes that I have gotten from Anna Karmel's books re: baby cooking. Ella is a bit young for the fun mixes Anna creates.
Ella is also doing such a good job at sitting up! She has been working on it for the past 3 weeks but can sit upsupported for a few minutes now! She is also trying her hardest to figure out crawling; she kicks and gets her legs way underneath of her body, "scooches" and then falls to the side. Just another month, I think, and our little love bug will be crawling all over the place. I guess we will need to get cracking on baby proofing when we return from California for Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving, can you believe it, is already here. We can't in the Francis household. This year has flown by. Our lives are speeding by and we love every minute. It's funny, a lot of people have real ideas about how many children you should have and how close together said children "should" be. Let me be clear- NOT. FOR. A. WHILE. I cannot tell you how many people have inquired- even our dry cleaning lady! We want to enjoy our little Ella for a while and need the market to turn so that we can unload our condo. We are so ready for more space but we won't be selling anytime soon. The market stinks.
We leave for Thanksgiving this Saturday and will be in the bay area for an entire week! We (I) am so excited to get back! It has been over a year for me. One of my favorite things about northern California and more specifically, Danville/Walnut Creek, are the beautiful hills and mountains! I would love to fit in a hike on Mount Diablo. We shall see if we have time....wish us mucho luck on the 4.5 flight. Sorry in advance, fellow Southwester's, if Ella makes a peep. She is in a grunting/yelling stage (no, really!) evoked by a certain toy, Ear-E-Bird. He is the cutest teething stuffed toy and Ella grunts and yells and bats him all over the place. It might get hairy for Earl on the plane. Watch out!

Happy Early Thanksgiving! We love you guys...

Nicole, Scott and Ella

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