Friday, February 6, 2009

I never thought I would have one....

Well, its about that time! We are gearing up for the 3rd trimester in a couple of weeks and I thought that the dreary doldrums of a Chicago winter were conducive to the Francis' entrance into the blogosphere! Seeing as how many of our friends and family are on opposite coasts, I wanted to keep everyone updated with all things Ella (and Finlay and Savannah, of course).....I am feeling great except for the nagging tail bone pain that has rendered me useless when it comes to anything at all towards the end of a long day. I am starting physical therapy the week after we get back from Italy so I am hoping that this will help get me through the next 15 weeks.

Above are some pics of Miss Ella at 12 weeks. She was sucking her thumb already which was so sweet to see. I will be posting a video of our big 20 week ultrasound tonight.... Check her out!

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